SUPPORT (Setting up)

How do I get the app?

You can download the app from the iTunes or Google Play Store. The App is available for IOS and Android devices. Search for "Roll Call Solutions"

How do I create my profile?

Open the app. Enter your company ID (provided by your co). Then select Sign up, Enter your Employee ID and then follow the 6 steps to create your profile. Don't forget to allow notifications and in iphone set your alert style to Persistent (or Alerts not banners IOS 10)  - Notifications>Roll Call>Alerts / Persistent so you don't miss important messages

Forgotten password

After opening the app, click the forgot username/password button and you will be able to reset your password

Out of office

You can set "out of office" in advance by going to My details > Out of office or Settings > Out of office


You can change the language by selecting Settings > Language. Current available languages are English and Cantonese

Admin Portal

A teach in may be required to show those with "admin" rights the various features of the product. Please contact Roll Call Solutions to schedule so that your company can get the most out of the platform


Set up "favourites"

You can add contacts to "favourites" in the staff directory. Go to the staff directory, click on a contact to open their profile. Then press the star in the right hand corner  so it becomes yellow. When you have at least one contact in favourites, the favourites tab in staff directory will be the default.

Updating/Editing my details

You can edit your personal details and emergency contact details in "My details".
In "My details" click on "edit profile" on the top right. You can then select "personal details" or "Emergency contact" by pressing each heading.

Note - you cannot change your job title and office. Contact your HR manager if you wish to do this


Staff Directory

You can search for staff in 2 ways.
1. By name (first or surname) by typing in the "Search staff" filed under "Staff Directory" screen heading.

2. Filter - By pressing the icon in the top right of "Staff Director" screen you can filter  by country, city, office and department or a combination of them

To contact a colleague you can email, chat or call them by pressing one of the 3 icons below their name.


Chat is a much better communication medium than text/sms. Once you start you won't look back ! All staff contact details are within the app so no need to add to your phone.
1. To create a 1-1 conversation : Press the pen icon in top right of "Chat" screen. Select a contact and start writing. Or you can use the staff directory, find the staff member and press the chat icon

2. To create a group : Select "create group" under the pen icon in the Chats screen. Enter a group name and photo and add members.

* For iPhone users - it's better if you set your notifications to "alerts" not banners

Noticeboard & Useful Links

This is where your company will post news, announcements, rosters, policies & procedures and links to  documents or websites.

If you want something posted please contact your HR manager as only "admins" within a company can upload via the Admin Portal. 


In the case of an emergency you may be sent an alert via push notification. Hence it's important that you are always logged in and have notifications enabled. If you receive an emergency alert please respond safe or not safe as quick as you can so that your manager knows you are safe. It's also important to make sure your emergency contact details are up to date.

* For iPhone users - it's better if you set your notifications to "alerts" not banners


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