A mobile intranet

Effectively a mobile intranet with a staff directory and noticeboard for company announcements, rosters, job ads, useful links and more.


Click to call, email or chat makes communications simple.

Chat & Broadcast

Use chat for instant 1-1 messaging or set up groups for teams, departments, projects or events.
You can also send a broadcast message so that you don't get responses.


There's a depository for company policy and procedures, training videos and tool box talks. Use the Poll function to check acknowledgement of staff and download reports from the admin portal for auditing purposes.

Emergency Management

Never seen before! Notify staff via push notification in an emergency and receive real time summaries of responses. Staff emergency contacts at your fingertips. 


Most other Emergency Management tools lie dormant. We created Polls so that co's can test the EM function in a non critical environment. Also you can poll your staff too !


Whether you're an SME, a multinational organisation, an association or Property Manager,  the Roll Call App will benefit you !

Mobile intranet, Communications & Compliance

Emergency Management made easy